Sunday, July 04, 2010

I Know What My Subconscious Is Telling Me

In the past 10 days, I've had 2 dreams about work.

In the first, it was my old team and I going to the review of one of our findings, which was pronounced, "quite dull." I wasn't there the whole time as I realized I had forgotten my copy and had to go and print it out. When I had returned, a buffet of free food had been set up, a gift from a local restaurant. I was still distracted as I had to hunt down 11 cats that were in the office that were mine. Mostly they were sleeping under tables and in corners. Sidecar was one of them, but the others I didn't recognize.

In the second, I was on probation for going about without identification. Like real, legal probation. But for only a week. But I couldn't go where alcohol was served. I was awfully indignant about being specifically barred from going to the Cleveland bar/grilled cheese restaurant Melt though.

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