Sunday, July 11, 2010

Salty Lemonade: ORT For First World People

I'm trying to clean out my kitchen and used these limes I bought 2 weeks ago for Salty Limeade. I had to use a lemon to fill up the juice, but whoa. The author is right; this is very refreshing. Your mouth puckers but then the sweetness hits and carries the flavor throughout your whole mouth. I'm inside in the a/c, but this should be a staple in a thermos for treks and picnics.

I'm interested in this because I walked from Central and Pierce down to Lincoln and South Central to go to The Duce yesterday. Because I am crazy (it's at least a mile and I did it in 97 degree heat). Doing such things lower my inhibitions, and I wound up having 2 alcoholic beverages (a salty dog and a mimosa) before 12pm, which made me loquacious to the cabbie and my mom and incapacitated me until at least 6pm. Very out of character. Indeed. I actually ate halibut at the cooking demonstration that my mom and I went to at Whole Foods. I don't eat fish, unless I am drunk.

The Duce is totally hipster Disneyland, and maybe not doing so well, but they have an awesome bar. Hand squeezed juice for your cocktails! Lovingly made right in front of you!

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