Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Reading Is Hot Stuff

So here is what I want in life: a guy who actually reads, preferably one who looks good doing it.

Did I ever mention that I was recently reading a profile on OKCupid in which a fellow said his favorite book was Gone With The Wind? And that he claimed he liked it for the heroism and romance?

I nearly wrote him in a fever. Not that kind of fever. A spitting fever to accuse him of ovary trolling. Because anyone who's actually read that book realizes that it's a tragedy.

You have a novel set in a horribly divisive period of American history, with a valid and enduring conflict about states' rights, cloaked in the moral question of is it really okay to prop up your inefficient economy by enslaving others? You have the burning of the South, death on all sides, and a defeat that while necessary helped warp a culture even further.

The protagonist is a woman who completely out of step with her culture and time, constantly trying to force herself into a cultural mold that isn't close to her nature. She's a lousy mother, tougher than nails, a big flirt and terrible at hiding her true nature. Finally with the post-war chaos she manages to carve out a niche for herself that allows her to use some of her natural gifts. She has a relationship with a challenging, encouraging rogue who is a perfect match, but ruins it longing for a total passive aggressive dipshit who makes her feel bad about herself for most of her life.

Yeah, it's a great book, but romance? Heroism?

Eh, if you're looking for suggestions, take a look at Talbot's (yes, the clothing store) list of suggested summer reading compiled from consumers.

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