Sunday, August 08, 2010

Carfree Dangers: People Think You're Stupid

Some people are a bit freaked out that I am always walking and taking the bus around the neighborhood I live in. Some find it a bit...dangerous? Sketchy? The hood? The kind where you adopt a favorite homeless dude? (Julian the Troubadour is awesome, and the Bear is very polite.)

I don't see it as such. I keep my head up and my eyes observant, but I've never had any problems or much weirdness. Actually, someone from the apartment complex mentioned "I always see you walking around!" in a slightly awed tone. But on Friday, Jesse X was to pick me up but was a little late. I decided to walk back to my house and pick up my phone and see if he called. As I was on the sidewalk in front of the Hamburger Barn (Burgers, Buns and Beer! And waitresses in short shorts!) a guy in a SUV pulled over and rolled down his window. Thinking he wanted directions, I took out my earbuds, when he said, "Want a ride?"

Incredulous, I replied, "With a stranger?"

I mean, Ted Bundy at least used subterfuge. He had a fake cast and would ask women to hlep him get something into his little gold Bug, and then club them upside the head, knock them unconscious and take them off to the woods to rape and strangle them.

He replied in a huffy tone, "Fine then!"

Then Jesse X turned into the parking lot and I got in his car.

Just because I am walking on the street doesn't mean I'm hopeless or a whore, stupid, or sexually up for grabs. I'm just someone walking on the sidewalk, going about my business.


LOJO said...

sugar, I do think he thought you were...mmmm.. working.

I remember when I lived in a sketchier section of Phoenix and I would ride my bike I would get asked every once in a while for a "date"

Kerry said...

I really must be violating the business casual dress code then!