Saturday, September 04, 2010

I Love Figleaves.Com!

So recently Moe Tucker, IT Goddess asked me if I had lost weight. I bought new bras, I confided. Online, from this great British company...

We commiserated over how hard it is to find larger size bras. Actually, when I placed my order I was talking to Dusie about how I had been seeing cute cheap nursing bras on the site that belonged to a line called "Hot Milk" when she said, "Oh god Kerry, there are just some things you can't buy online!" Why yes, my sister and I have very different figures.

Women with large breasts will attest that it's hard to find bras. Let's not even talk about cute bras. Just finding bras in your approximate size is a pain once you're above a D cup. Then, to find one that fits, that offers the coverage and support needed--you're not in needle in a haystack territory, because the territory is small. You're more in an Indiana Jones mystery key situation. Only instead of snakes, you're faced with unflattering clothes and droopy boobs. What a boring movie.

I had located three options here in Phoenix. One is Nordstrom's, where the fitting lady was tiny and glamorous. She couldn't help it, but I felt like a milch cow in her presence. Another is Alice-Rae Intimate Apparel in Scottsdale, which has a homey, comfortable name, but is far away. And third was CC's Lingerie, which is on a bus route and nearby, but to which I might have to get drunk to shop at (it's run by MR. Bras, and I have issues. I admit it.)

When you do find a bra brand and style that works, you'll buy it over and over. Oh Olga 35009, your demise made me so sad. Oh Chantelle 2361, don't ever change! But now thanks to, I have broadened my choices a bit. And if they keep running those sales, I might turn into a bra and underpants woman, the way some are black dress or shoe women.

So now I have a good smooth cup Wacoal ($60!) and 3 from a line called Curves in a style called Isabelle. Lots of lace on the Isabelles. And I bough matching underpants. What can I say, it makes me feel all put together and grownup. like I might get to seduce or be seduced at random moments. Two were less than $20. The third was $30. I have never paid that little for a bra except for old Olga when she was on sale at Kohl's. And $5 for shipping. Those Brits know their bras.

Oh, those Brits! BBC America has a show called "Me and My Big Breasts" which follows women attempting to decide on getting breast reduction surgery and gives fairly helpful tips on becoming friends with their breasts in all their ginormous glory. Some just look normal large and some are ginormous, Heidi Montag-sized but natural. Some of the women try physical therapy (bless the NHS!) and some try their hand at being lingerie models or just wearing proper bras and showing themselves off a bit. From what I've seen, it's a good show.

So yes, I'm a happy customer of This is an unsolicited review based on my new desire to admire myself. Eh, I'm so not vain in many ways, let me have my fun.


Genevieve said...

That site is great. I also love Fraya (a British brand) has always fit me well and has really cute styles. What I don't like however is spending $60+ on bras, but c'est la vie.

Funny your sister would say that because it took going to get fitted at Intimacy (the place that's on Oprah and the View and such saying 80% of women wear the wrong bra size) to make me think shopping for bras in a store was ok after years ago going to Victoria's Secret and having a 90lb A cup woman look at me and say "we don't have anything in your size".

Kerry said...

Yes, Dusie has always been proportionate but small and wanted a boob job. Totally different worlds here.

I also get emails from Barenecessities...hmmmmm. And Victoria's Secret is SUCH a sham. Don't get me started.