Saturday, August 21, 2010

In Which Daphne Merkin Inadvertently Discourages Everyone From Seeking Therapy

There was this 8 pag e article in which Daphne Merkin goes on and on about her 40 plus years of therapy which never really got her close to what even she thought of as well for multiple reasons.

I think these are dangerous articles that actually dissuade people from seeking help, particularly those with mild to moderate impairment who function fairly well but could use help. Yes, it's really hard and requires luck to find a good therapist and work to keep trying to get better. But I don't think most people want to drown in their own craziness or base their whole identity around it, and that seems like what Merkin is doing in this piece. She did write a few years ago about a really terrible episode of depression recently where she was helped by ECT and its effects.

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