Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rusticatin' In The Suburbs

I am hanging out at the Marlboro Mesa for the next 10 days. My primary duty is taking care of Harley, who got left home when the family went up to Colorado, and has been lonely and needy since the baby was born and Billie died. I also get to bring over the cats. At the moment Willa is hiding under the guest bed because Harley wants to lick her like a lollipop. I hope Cain and Harley fare better.

I am embracing the suburbs in a big way. After all, there are all sorts of mod cons I don't have at home. In house washer and dryer! A clean grill! The pool! A big screen tv! With cable! (Although I can't find anything to watch and am incompetent at using it.) Easy shopping! My mom left me her car, so I can get Sonic, Indian food, Jersey Mike's and groceries. Oh, and go to work.

I did make a list of places to go and try out on this side of the Valley. I think even with my overtime work and the commute I'll have fun being out here. But I also want to do a thorough scrub and maybe a little rearranging at my apartment, since it's easier to do that when no one's home to knock over her basket of toys.

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