Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheap As Chips Vacation Plans

So I am taking the week after next off to recover from my summer. This includes having a sort of organized vacation activity camp thing going on--I just don't want to spend my 9 days laying on my belly hitting refresh on the internet. So I have some ideas for low cost fun things to do, because I don't have a lot of money to spend.

Yoga Camp: Back in July I got a smoking deal on 5 yoga classes for $20 at Second Heart Yoga around the corner. Their classes aren't convenient when I'm working, but I am free at all hours!

Taking the 44 to Paradise Valley at the Ass Crack of Dawn: So last winter, I was waiting for the bus and got into a conversation with a girl who swore that the 44 was the best ride in the early am when you go through the mountains. So, why not? You don't want to get out of your sleep schedule anyway. The benefit is that the bus goes to the Whole Foods in Paradise Valley, so I can go and see if they've gotten any exotic apples in and have breakfast or something before catching the bus back home.

Happy Hour Hit On At The Duce: So the Duce down in south downtown has a great bar and handmade cocktails at reasonable prices. But their happy hour is 2 for one drinks. Did I mention that their drinks are served in 16 oz jars? And that I can't drink (well, not much without falling over) on my medication? So, the plan is go down, get my drink and offer the free to strangers. Maybe be friendly. Then get on the bus and go home.

Actually, I should hit Wednesday happy hour at Shandy's too. The tender on duty that night has an excellent specialty cocktail; I just can't remember who it is or what he makes.

Window Shopping: I want to hit some of the boutiques and little thrifts I pass by but never have a chance to go in, and I also want to price a locally sources futon mattress.

Picture Days So in downtown Mesa there is a variety of sculpture that beg to be photographed. Actually they beg to be photographed in 2012 when Peaches and I are in a goofy mood and want to pretend to be being eaten by a bear or whatnot, but until then I shall document them for proof I live in a weird place. I also want to take some snaps of other oddities like the old 50's signs and motels around town and the building downtown that has this on it.

Mesa Madness: There are some good antique places in Mesa, and also a new small business incubator called POOL that has crappy hours that I want to check out. And maybe go to tea.

Party Prep: It's the week of my niece's birthday and my sister has enlisted me to prep on Friday or Saturday.

Home Making: I have plenty of projects I can do in the apartment: clean out my closet, pictures and listings of things to sell, stalking, cooking, Day of the Dead and Halloween crafts.

So, now to schedule my fun!

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