Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ethics of Alice

So I kind of have a stray, a little girl kitten I call "Little Kitten" or "Alice." I have an ethical dilemma I need advice on: what do you do for strays you can't adopt when there's an overburdened shelter system?

Alice is about 5 months old. Her former owners moved out of the complex and left her. I first noticed her a couple of months ago when she was hanging out with Spazz and thought that his diskhead owners had gotten her to keep him company. They've moved out too now, and she's just kind of feral. She's very afraid of humans, and other cats. She comes and hangs out on the landing because I leave food out for her every night. She's come into the apartment, and if Cain or Willa creep out they do face rubs and butt sniffs. She even let me pick her up once and didn't fight.

I'm at capacity for pets, especially with Cain's diabetes. The Humane Society is overrun and constantly offering $10 adoption specials. AAWL is almost certainly full too. I can't sponsor her to stay there--I still give $10 per paycheck to Rainbow Connection.

I think the most ethical thing is to get the good flea and tick meds for her and make sure she's spayed. And either keep feeding her or talk to AAWL about whether they have room for her. If not, she can keep being wild, but the Animal Welfare people had traps around the complex last fall and were taking them off in the death truck. What do you think?

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modest-goddess said...

Some of the people I work with do animal rescue, it is a bad time for cats, so many and no one is adopting. I've had a foster cat all summer and she has only had one inquiry but they were not willing to pay the adoption fee. I'll probably end up keeping which makes 3 cats in my apartment.

Get her spayed and let her live outdoors.