Sunday, September 05, 2010

I'll Take Random Associations for $200, Alex

This actually happened in May and I wrote it up then, but there were no pictures until I got my new camera.

Last Thursday I wandered into Huntress's office at 4pm. I stopped at the doorway, my eyes drawn to the wall near her whiteboard.

"Why," I asked, "do you have a photograph of Winged Victory up there?"

Huntress's audit is not finished. There is no victory for her yet.

She looked at me all confused. "What are you talking about? I put up a picture of Bandit." Bandit's her newest dachshund, an adorable 5 month puppy.

Her office mate and I then launched in to Art History 101, Googling pictures and explaining. "It's this big statute of Nike with no head," I said.

"Who is Nike?" "The Roman goddess of war." Actually she's the goddess of victory. And Greek, not Roman. Whatever, I had a sensible college major. I knew someone who was a Classics major. It's all intellectual thrills, no practical applications. At least they can teach the philosophers to program.

Seriously, don't the proportions look the same?

And here's Mr. Short Legs himself.

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