Saturday, October 23, 2010


I am seething with anger and irritability, and here's why:

If I have to deal with prison rape for the next 6 months, there is not enough antidepressants in the world to keep me sane.

I got picked to arrange the team's Halloween pumpkin carving entry. Fuck me. I don't even like Halloween pumpkins. Plus, I don't drive, people.

I have a sinking feeling that the last month of potentially having a life is going to be cut short and it's all intense grindstone from now on, because there are only 2 people on my team for the next audit.

I think I was a bitch at the eye place yesterday, but I don't care. Only doing contacts checks from 9-5, M-F? Um no, that's when I work. I'm not taking an hour off to come up here for a 5 minute looksy at my eyes. Give me my script and I'll order the Bausch and Lombs I use now.

Fucking insane cats waking me up at the 4am hour, and that's when they've been kind and let me "sleep in."

The feral. I have to get her spayed or checked, and Altered Tails is loaning out traps in November, but it's just another thing to do.

I feel like I should work more on having a life, but I also feel so worn out by everything I have to do. Oh wait, here's more: the boxes. I still have to start with the eBay, etc.

I'm off to clean my house now.

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Kerry said...

Oh, and my vacuum belt? Broken, and no replacements available at Target.