Friday, November 19, 2010

Note To Self--Stop Buying From eShakti

Here's the thing: I love the way the clothes look on the site. I had an easy experience returning items. The clothes are pretty well made, in my estimation. But this is the third dress I've ordered that looks terrible on me. Mainly because I think they design on a form where women's hips start about 3 inches above where mine do. So everything is empire waisted on me and awful. I never thought I had a long torso before.

The shawl collar dress was also darker than it appeared on the site and had a manufacturing defect (a buttonhole was missing). It would have looked great if the hips were in the right place. My blue cambray denim skirt looks good though. And Aces has been very happy with what she's bought.

So no more buying online. Which is good as it wrecks hell on my budget.


Anne (in Reno) said...

I am vicariously sad, as I keep wanting to buy things from eShakti now too. Dresses are tough in general though, it's nice that at least the skirt fits! Have you tried ModCloth at all? The style seems similar once you escape the ironically 80's party girl stuff.

Cookbook said...

Modcloth is nice but they RUN SMALL.

Kerry said...

Very small. Aces looks good in their dresses.

Anne (in Reno) said...

That's funny, the one shirt I got from them ran really big and baggy. Will have to keep that in mind as I drool over dresses. So eShakti's sizing runs true, the cuts are just weird?