Saturday, November 06, 2010

Opinions Wanted--Dress Edition

Of course it's on clothing. I am loving onthis dress. Any opinions? Yes, I can always return it, but that's an expensive habit. I think that I can make it modest enough for work. Do you think the color would work on me? It would warm up my skin tone. The tan has a lot of red in it which would be flattering. And I think it would give me a vavoom look.

My 8th grade graduation dress was a sailor dress in a similar style, which is part of the attraction.


tracyh said...

Funny, I want this dress too, but I think it would look really good on you. I have bought a few things from that site and I am pleased.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I have to say from here that dress is adorable. And based on the picture of it and the picture of you I would say the color looks great. But I am always hesitant about double-breasted things for myself as I think the make me look oddly wide, is this a problem you have?

Kerry said...

I ordered it this morning. I got it lengthened to below the knee, since I'm intending to wear it to work. Anne, I'm a bit wide anyway, so I think the low cut balances it out.

Tracy, I also got 2 brooches and the denim skirt too. And I used the gift cert and discount code they set me up with.

Cookbook said...

Late to the game but I'm glad you bought it. The cut will look good on you. I'm not crazy about the color but I think you can pull it off. =)