Monday, December 27, 2010

What To Do With Myself

So as you might know, I don't really take vacations or time off. However, I'm not going to work this week. And I took off extra time last week--spur of the moment.

No, really--my manager and I were talking about how there was nothing to do and he was taking off Wednesday to clean and I said that I would take off then too. And I was already taking off Thursday because there was little to do and had Friday off, and all this week. I have a lot of time banked, and it accumulates year to year. So why not? Wednesday I did my Christmas shopping, Thursday I tried to clean, Friday and Saturday I spent with family, and yesterday I rested.

Today as soon as it's acceptable to do so (not 6 am!) I am vacuuming and then I am going up to Camelback to go looking.

Tomorrow we might go to Globe, and Wednesday is my birthday. Feel free to make other suggestions of things to do.


Cookbook said...

Go to a movie!

Kerry said...

My mom called, and we went to see "True Grit." It was great!