Monday, January 31, 2011

The Declaration Of You!

So I heard about this course a few months ago and have been thinking about signing up for it ever since. Because hey, who doesn't like a leetle papier Fronchman helping you figure out who you are? And I am more than a quart low in the life inspiration and personal marketing department. Some self-reflection is never a bad idea, especially since my last bout of self reflection in this journaling class I took had me drawing a cactus* and realizing my life is so empty that I am just waiting for Peaches to learn how to use the phone to call me up.

So that's what I'll be busy with later this month.

FTC Disclaimer: By posting this I am getting a 20% discount on the course.

*It was one of my better drawings, especially since I was only allowed 2 markers.

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