Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heading Out To North Carolina

So I am going out to visit Genevieve at the end of February. This is exciting and nerve-wracking, as I don't like to travel. Especially since I don't like being touched by strangers in intimate ways. But we buck up and soldier on to Durham! I am leaving it to her to arrange our itinerary--she knows that I will basically hang out and do whatever. I am getting a cheese plate, because I donated to their soon-to-open business, Reliable Cheese. And maybe her son and I will do some coloring or reading together. He's a card.

The cats represent a special problem. I think I can leave Alice and Willa alone with extra boxes and toys with no problem, for they are well-behaved for cats. Cain needs insulin twice a day though, so I think I will have to board him. Any suggestions for Phoenix area pet boarding places? He is well-behaved and friendly, but I will need to get his shots up to date. I don't know that a pet sitter would be able to figure out our feeding pattern: Cain is fed his special dry food in the bathroom, and Willa is fed her wet food up on the counter and Alice gets a combo of dry and wet on the floor. Then after a while I confiscate leftovers and let Cain out.

Good heavens, I have high maintenance cats. Please help me.

I also have to make some purchases. I bought a pair of pants, because it will be in the 40s and I can't wear the same things for 4 days. Genevieve warned me to bring a coat. I should probably buy some new pajamas too so I don't look scandalous.

What else do you do to prepare to travel?

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Genevieve said...

FYI by coat I mean something that would be a light jacket in Cleveland and is probably your winter coat in Phoenix. Day temps at the end of February can be anywhere from around 50 to spring-like. Basically what I am saying is that you shouldn't have to buy anything new I hope!

Good luck boarding Cain. I think that boarding is best for a pet that needs medication. Although in NY we had a great pet sitter who gave meds for no extra money. I think there's more of a market for professional, bonded pet sitters in NY though.