Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Fashion Fixation: Dresses For Bicycling

Once I realized that yes, wearing "comfortable" clothes to exercise made me more inclined to do it, and that in crazy Kerry fashion I am most comfortable when dressed up, I started looking at exercise that could be done in clothes that made me feel good. Which lead to yoga (because the pants make you look put together) and biking (because you can do it in a skirt).

I was inspired by Ms. Bitchcakes, who bikes on her own fashion terms, which include fishnets, heels and bustiers. And urban chic bicyclists as seen in the Times. See? It can be done.

A couple of recent looks I like:

I bought this dress in the store marked down even more than the sale site. Why it works--it's made out of t-shirt jersey cotton, and the empire waist gives your abs plenty of room to contract while the skirt is long enough to maintain modesty, but short enough not to get in the way of the pedals and chain.

Pockets! This eShakti dress with the paperbag waist has deep pockets so you can carry your keys and wallet while you bike up to LGO for a latte.

I feel so Edwardian and modern biking in a dress. Votes for women!

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Genevieve said...

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