Monday, January 24, 2011

Yoga Resources

So as my workout these days, I am trying yoga. The place around the corner from my house doesn't have the best schedule, so I do it at home. Aces got me two DVDs for my birthday, Yoga For Every Body and Yoga For Anxiety and Depression. But I like to follow this "Yoga for Hangovers" routine that I found on the NYTimes website at the beginning of the month.

Two other useful sites are Yoga Journal's directoru of poses and the Yogamazing video podcast is covers yoga for different needs.

Last weekend the Times ran an article on "Yoga Rebel" Tara Stiles, who has a YouTube channel and espouses an easy-going approach to yoga. I'll be checking this out too.

I am fascinated how just moving in certain ways increases your strength and flexibility, how by the 3rd set of lunges I can press my heel further down and hold steadier. It also helps with my nagging left hip pain--due to bilateral symmetry (ie, my screwed up right shoulder), it tends to hurt if I wear crappy shoes or walk too much.

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