Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast With Scot--Michael Downing

So last month I watched a movie that charmed and touched me so much, I watched it 3 times in 2 days. (What? It was President's Day weekend. I had time.) The third time, I noticed that the movie was based on a book and ordered it. The book and movie are somewhat different, but both have smart observations on parenting, sexuality, and what makes a family. And I highly recommend them both, so much that the book gets a spot on my keeper shelf.

The book is about Sam and Ed, a settled gay couple living in Cambridge, Mass. Sam's a holistic chiropractor, and Ed works for an Italian art magazine, and they have a calm, peaceful, life together. Then Sam is named as the guardian to Scot, the son of his brother's late girlfriend, and the couple is thrown into parenthood with the arrival of the 11 year. Said 11 year old tries hard, but has an unfortunate effect on people--he's part miniature flamboyant Quentin Crisp, part sad geek, with a wardrobe of pink girly clothes and a certain tone deafness to social norms. Any kid would be a big adjustment, but Scot comes with a special kind of chaos, bringing an accidental confrontation with sexuality, awkwardness and youth to everyone he meets.

THe writing is just beautiful and terribly funny--just see my post from earlier this week. It's really a lovely book, and I intend to reread and pass it along to some parents I know.

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