Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Which I Review More Beauty Products

While I was gone, I received a lipstick I had ordered from Benefit. They included two samples of items I'd never buy myself, because they attack issues I never worry about. But I tried them anyway, because why let them go to waste?

The POREfessional--This is described as a balm that you apply to problem big pore areas and it helps disguise the fact you have big pores.

Now, I know my nose has big pores. Every time I go for a facial, the facialist describes them as "congested" and warns me she'll have to do lots of extractions. Heck, I can extract them myself in the am after my shower and get that little frisson of disgust and satisfaction watching the little worms pop up. But you know what? I am not regularly filmed in HDTV. Therefore I am happy in my normalcy here. But yes, you can use this to even out your pores. After I slathered a bit on my nose, I didn't notice them. The texture of this product is thick, and it is tinted like a concealer, and I'd use it in conjunction with foundation. However, no one gave me weird look and I wore it without cover.

Girl Meets Pearl is supposed to give you a luminous complexion. Frankly, I did not notice any luminosity, but the ladies' at work is notoriously dark. I'm pretty pink in general.

I did order High Beam in a Sephora order today (15% off for Beauty Insiders with the code CHIC), in pursuit of a "supermodel" polished complexion, as I might be taking a lot of pictures soon. Review to follow on that.


Cookbook said...

I was curious about the POREfessional stuff myself. I was at Sephora yesterday to use my coupon as well but I ended up going with clear lipliner from Urban Decay (genius) and some lip balm. I have horrible, horrible pores.

Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

I love those products, the, "I wasn't worried about that, but thanks for pointing it out" category. And I am curious to see how you like the High Beam, those things seem to just make me look shiny, a.k.a. greasy.

Argentée (Oh Jolie Laide) said...

Hello! I just wandered over after your very excellent Billy Bragg comment on La Bellete Rouge. I just want to say that I like this post. I do skincare for a living and, having seen literally hundreds of faces in my time I have never once met a nose that isn't heavily congested. It isn't you- it goes with having a nose. So I am glad you're happy in your normalcy - people get way too self-loathing about themselves.
I'm glad to have found your blog.

Kerry said...

Argentee, thank you for stopping by and commenting! It's always nice to meet another Billy Bragg fan.