Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, Blog! Oh, Readers! I Missed You So Much!

Two and a half weeks ago, the logic board on my computer died. Therefore, I've been having a bit of an internet sabbatical. That's good, as it made me turn my attention to a lot of the niggling home things that you would rather not do, like polishing the silver, as opposed to wasting time on the internet. But I missed blogging so much. Pictures of my place and the kittens to follow, but here's a quick summary of what's gone on.

Days without a computer at home: 17
TV shows watched on DVD player: 1 (The Good Wife, Season 1, excellent)
Number of books read: 9

Number of boxes of books taken to Half Price Books: 5
Number of those that were 2 foot x 4 foot bankers boxes:2
Amount received for books: $64
Amount spent on Zipcar to accomplish this errand: $29
Cost of celebratory chocolate shake from In 'N Out: $1.99
Amount better my mom said the place looked: "10,000 times better, Kerry"
How my shrink phrased it: "Getting rid of those books is a really major breakthrough for you"
Amount I rolled my eyes: Quite a bit
Amount I am secretly proud of myself: Ridiculously
Number of cakes baked: 0
Reason for lack of cakes: One can't buy potato starch at my crappy Fry's
Bike rides taken: 1
Pieces of silver polished: 8
Number of bike rides taken: 1
Number of times I polished my nails: 1
Number of vet trips: 1
Time I spent at Petco carrying a 18.5 lb cat: 60 minutes
Size of kittens: Approximately 1 pound each
Major skills: Climbing the cat tree, playing with each other, eating wet food
Major skills they have not accomplished: Using the litter box

More to follow

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