Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer 2011 Goals

This idea is courtesy of Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. Here are my 10 Goals for this summer (which, as you know ends in October around here).

1. Bake a Lady Baltimore cake.

2. Throw a party/open house.

3. Clean my closet and separate my wearable size 14s, stuff that's out of fashion, and current clothes.

4. Polish all my shoes.

5. Engage in a yoga/home workout and bike riding regimen to get down to a size 14.

6. Get the kittens adopted.

7. Bring lunch to work.

8. Limit outside coffee.

9. Leave the house on weekends and do something.

10. Weed the bookshelves.


Cookbook said...

Those are all good goals. How are you gonna stick to them? I find with exercise goals, especially, there has to be some motivation or mutual pushing with a friend. "Did you exercise today? I did." But that is because I'm fairly competitive.

Bringing lunch consistently is hard at first but once you get a routine it's not so bad. I have been eating salads exclusively for lunch for the past few weeks (that's pretty much all that's worth buying in my work cafeteria anyway so same diff) and have had some success buying ingredients for the week on Sundays, getting it all organized then, and throwing things together in 10 minutes before leaving for work each day.

Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

I find weeding the bookshelves happens much faster as soon as I find a place to trade in my books for new ones. 10 old books for 2-3 new ones still means reading fodder but also room to breathe.

Also, I love sitting down and polishing shoes. Usually I will put on a movie or something, and maybe I don't have that many shoes, but I think this isn't that huge of a project. I mean, I have faith that you will manage between now and October ;)