Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've Said This Before...

But Erin on Unclutterer said it better. Women have more societal pressure than men to have a clean and cute home. I think it's a way of keeping women busy but not thinking about how they are being used in relationships, the workplace, and the home. It's just one more damn thing on the plate, you know?

In the comments, several women mentioned that they were taught cleaning and that some of their value as a partner lay in their ability to keep house. I got that too--my mom made us clean house with her every Saturday and Sunday. The Don was a notable slob; it was our role to clean up after him and keep things nice.

I find myself drawn to minimalism, personally. Partly because it's fun for the cats to have so much room, partly because I am not so keen on the shopping for accessories, partly because I'm a visual organizer. But mostly because I see it as personal recognition and an outward sign of "I am not who you think I am," a rejection of artifice and a show of my true self. Which is at least sometimes Slob Lady.

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