Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh, Good Grief

"Woman gives up car to avoid buying gas." As I said on Facebook, I did this almost 2 years ago. Where's my news crew?

Seriously, it will be 2 years in September. I'm a little amazed when I think of it.

Americans Work 2 Hours A Day To Pay For Their Cars. This piece brings up the the $11,000 per year savings for not having a car. Do you think it is really that much? I personally try to keep my transportation costs under $200 per month in Zipcar and cabs.

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Anonymous said...

I can definitely see how people spend that much on cars, especially if they don't own their vehicles outright. We do, but petrol in NZ is still more than $2 a litre (costs us about $100 a week), it's about $300 a year to register your car, insurance can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand a year, plus repairs and maintenance...