Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tiny House--Love Or Hate?

Family of 3 lives in a 320 square foot house.

So, what do you think? I'm not convinced that that's the best designed small house out there, and even with extreme family politeness it's cramped. The kid's room in particular looks like hell. And the mom seems depressed--she has flat affect.

Anyone else remember the Apartment Therapy kerfluffle when the Gillingham-Ryans said they were going to live in the 365 square foot apartment as long as they could? Granted, I think the toddler/little kid stage is the reason that would be unfeasible (and their smugness, and the $20,000 upgrade to an apartment they didn't own). Did they ever move?

I can really see a house like that for a single person--I'd love it as a retirement home.


Lisa said...

I'm all for living mindfully in the space you have, instead of being all, "Whoops! My place is cluttered -- time to upgrade." However, I think there comes a point where you cross a line into lifestyle stunts.

Also, the Gillingham-Ryans have been in a much bigger apartment for a few years (it's over 1000 sq ft). It also helps that they have a HUGE weekend spread. Like, big enough where their garden is the size of their city apartment. I'm thinking you can put up with a lot in a small Manhattan apartment if you've got a big ol' storage facility in the country.

modest-goddess said...

I think the Gillingham-Ryans moved to a bigger apartment when their daughter was 2. I don't think it is huge but it is a 2 bedroom.