Sunday, July 10, 2011


I followed Genevieve's advice and bought the good house blend from Echo Coffee. Aces introduced me to this place a few months back and its my new favorite--much better than Royal Coffee, and only a 10 minute bus ride. It makes some good iced coffee, but I still have to work on proportions.

And Old Navy! I wore a skirt I purchased from them on Friday, one that I haven't even washed and as I was smoothing my skirt after visiting the ladies', it tore. Not along a seam, but the actual cotton jersey fabric just let go. I had to staple the edges together to be decent enough to walk home and change and not show my hiney to all and sundry. I have contacted them to give it back and get a refund; this is just ridiculous and I want my $30 back. So be wary of Old Navy!

Oh, and you heard about what's been going on here in Phoenix, land of 118 degree days and gigantic haboobs. I missed the dust storm entirely, but Genevieve sent me pictures. Well, my apartment complex has slid a few more degrees into decrepitude. One of the olive trees split in half last night and could have killed someone. They started to clean it up before I could take a picture, but as it was one of the larger trees round here it made me sad. Our pool is now padlocked due to a warning from the Maricopa Environmental Quality Division because the water quality was so bad, and the Fire Department also have issues with the flimsy construction of the gate. Way to go! I might move. I don't use the pool, but this place is getting me down.

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