Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Compliment Ever

Yesterday I played hooky, and after therapy I walked 8 blocks to the Trader Joe's. I did this at 1pm when it was 109 degrees, for the love of Mike, and I went to Trader Joe's because there was more shade on the walk then the way to Sprouts. Also, Torched Goodness, the mobile creme brulee truck was at the farmer's market until 2pm with Honey Orange Creme Brulee. I know what's important.

So after I loaded up on goodies at Trader Joe's, I had them call me a cab (I had forgotten my phone). And who picked me up? Wilfred, the cabbie who has given me a ride before! So I climb in and let him know where I'm going (which is partly how he recognizes me) and we chat for a few and then he asks me, "Are you an American?"

"Well, yes--why do you ask?"

"You are always dressed so nice! In a skirt! Out here no one dresses up, they just throw on anything!"

"Thank you!" You are so sweet!"

I was wearing a purple t-shirt and a stretchy gray skirt with black sandals and a tan straw hat, for the record. Nothing special, but hey, a girl needs all the appreciation she can get.

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