Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Cat Vs. Dog, And I'm Not Sure Who Will Win

I brought Cain over to the house where I'm dogsitting today. It's not going real well. Rocky is a very friendly Golden Retriever who is fascinated by cats. Cain does not want him in his face. Plus, getting him here was traumatic in multiple ways.

I only had one carrier, and I originally planned to bring both Willa and Cain. The carrier is a soft black nylon bag with some distinct claw damage. So I went over and bought a new hard plastic carrier--big enough for Cain. But as I was carrying him down the stairs, boom! The clasps gave way and he fell out. He recovered and went up the steps to the door, clearly intending to give this whole traveling business a pass.

Meanwhile, I put the bag with Willa in it on a lower step. Willa decided to try to escape by throwing herself against the side of the bag, bumping down the steps. She was unhurt, but when she reached bottom and couldn't go any farther, she started screaming up a storm.

I'm trying to put the carrier back together so I can shove Cain back in. I manage it, toss him in, and boom! The bottom falls out again.

Okay, at 20 pounds he is too heavy for the carrier. There was a corgi on the label! Corgis weight 20 pounds, don't they?

The carrier is getting returned later this week.

I put him inside the apartment, rescued Willa, and considered my options. Willa can stay by herself with food and clean boxes--as long as she has a window and her scratchy, she's fine. Cain got put in the black bag, and off we go.

Cain didn't cry much during the 40 minute car ride, but when I pulled him out of the backseat I found he had peed all over himself. Luckily I had put the carrier inside the plastic litter box so nothing got on the upholstery. Score one for Kerry! But the shame does not improve his temper.

I went to the grocery store and bought a pork roast for dinner. Cain's favorite thing is porky in all forms, and Rocky sort of forgets to eat if you don't put a little human food on his kibble. So everyone had good dinner, and hopefully that will soothe everyone's grumps.

I think Cain is winning though. He has settled himself on the other side of the couch and growls when Rocky gets in his face. Rocky looks totally confused like, "I sniffed your butt to be polite! You can sniff mine! Want my ostrich? I took all the stuffing out." Cain's expression is "What fresh hell is this?"

Poor kitty. Life with a single lady is so calm.

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