Monday, October 17, 2011

Then He Put Her In A Pumpkin Shell, And He Kept Her Very Well

Across the street in the shopping lot, someone has set up a pumpkin lot. While I respect someone trying to make a buck, let's consider the facts:

This is Phoenix, AZ.
It is 2 weeks to Halloween.
It's currently in the 90s.

Considering that pumpkins mold out overnight this time of year, I don't think that this is a good idea. Also, all the pumpkins are your standard orange ones, although they do have a variety of sizes and shapes.

If I'm going to shell out $10 for a pumpkin, I want one of the fairytale pumpkins like the above. They must be very hot--the Fry's out in AJ had tons of them, very reasonably priced. Or a cutie pie pumpkin.

Where do you stand on the pumpkin issue? Do you purchase them? And do you carve? I hate pumpkin carving--too stinky and messy.

This is what I am making for dinner this week: Turkey Pumpkin Goulash

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Cookbook said...

I bought a pie pumpkin yesterday. Not so much for decor -- I don't get many trick-or-treaters and usually am not even home on Halloween -- but more for cooking with. I made a pumpkin roll for a certain unappreciative party a couple years ago and have a taste for one again.