Friday, November 04, 2011

Have Wheels, Will Travel?

Enterprise occasionally has $9.99 day specials in its neighborhood locations. So for $40, I rented a car for this weekend. I ran some errands today, and took a short jaunt up Central Ave to the foothills of the Camelback's head. So cool. Lots of tall trees and old houses in that area.

By 2:30pm, the sky was dark and the wind had picked up. We're getting a storm system here--70% chance of rain tonight and a dust storm warning until 8pm, and a low in the 50s. It was an inauspicious start to the weekend. It's First Friday, but I didn't want to be covered in dust. Plus the movie at the Biltmore was not of interest. Next Friday it's Say Anything, so I'm expecting wall to wall sobbing GenX in the park.

I'm taking the car to meet up with Winter for breakfast tomorrow, but after that I'm free. I'm going to Trader Joe's, but I need some ideas for other fun. Maybe I'll hit Sweet Republic.

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