Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas Gifts I'd Like To Give Your Child

I may be a childless 36 year old, but I do have more sense than to buy these presents for my nieces and nephews. If only because Genevieve and Dusie will have to tuck them away to prevent newborn nap disturbances and babies swallowing pieces and screaming, emergency room visits, and "Really, Kerry!"

An accordian. Polka is not going to save itself, people.

A make it yourself ukele kit

A specialty pack of 7 different source chocolate bars from Trader Joe's

A set of Bucky Balls

The Kitten Party DVD

A kitten (also a puppy or a fish)

An ice cream maker

Dried mushroom assortment

Pocket sound machine

Their own CD player

The Law & Order DVD box set--What! L&O is great for the whole family.

Some 20X200 art--like this adorable bear

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