Monday, July 30, 2007

Mencken Is Missing!

He ran out on Saturday night and I haven't seen him since. I am making a flyer to paper the neighborhood and also have been looking for him and shaking a Pounces can. I put Cain in a carrier on the porch and my dirty laundry outside, in hopes of luring him to my house with familiar scent. He hasn't shown up, but neither has a pervert stolen my dirty underpants.

Prayers to Sts. Anthony and Francis have been said. Any hopes, advice and good wishes are welcome.

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CBG said...

I'm so sorry! I didn't realize he had been gone for an extended period of time when you told me! I hope he comes back soon. Bad kitty! Inky and Maggie will keep their eyes peeled around our neighborhood. You never know! ;)