Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Use it Up Challenge, Or CSA Week 5

I did not pick up my vegetables this week, as I got a last minute chance to work an extra shift at work that ran until 8pm. My coworker and her husband are my secondary pickup peeps, but were unable to get there, and I didn't think to call my pal SuperC who is in the same CSA. Ah well. Dan supposedly has my bag, and I sent an email via the LEAF website, but I haven't heard back.

There's too much around here to cook and eat. I've introduced the Use It Up Challenge. New food items may be purchased if only they help me use up what I've already got. Yes, I realize this just continues the cycle. Hush.

Roto Chicken--Turned into chicken salad, which used from the stash: raisins, pecans, curry powder and mayo. Put the carcass in the freezer for soup, because I am constitutionally unable to throw away a carcass that can be turned into soup.

Apricots--Apricot-Cherry Chutney. Used: dried Bing cherries (the dried tart ones are better for eating), bourbon, cider vinegar, sugar, fresh apricots, cake spice, a star anise and a half a vanilla bean. And half an apple from the chicken salad recipe. I totally freehanded this recipe, and it seems okay--I forgot to add garlic, and went heavy on the vinegar.

Brown Sugar Icebox Cookies--Used: CSA pecans, homemade vanilla extract (oh, what else was I going to do with that extra vodka? Note to self--check the amount of vanilla extract you have on hand first!), brown sugar.

What hasn't been used up? The snow peas, kale, a cucumber--sadly, they fell to the fridge rot.

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holly_44109 said...

I think I've lost my green pepper, beets and some beans (not sure what variety). I can't keep up...I feel like such a failure.

Hope your kitty comes home soon!