Sunday, August 05, 2007

CSA, Week 6

This is the week in which I have too much food. I did get my veggies last week, and SuperC picked up my share for this week. I now have way too much vegetable matter in my house. Complicating matters is the fact that I am still commuting by bus and train, so that sucks up a lot of time and isn't necessarily conducive to grocery shopping.

Also I think I want to grill since it's only in the 70s today, but it's raining and I have no matches. Also it might lure Mencken and the other neighborhood kitties.

What I've got (the last 2+ week's pickups):

1 pt blueberries (I don't understand why people like commercially grown blueberries, but I can get behind farm berries. I just don't know what to do with them.)

4 wart squashes

3 pickling cucumbers, which I just added to the brine I already used for the other pickles.

4 regular cukes (Wait! Inspiration has struck! Ever since reading Julie Powell's blog, I have wanted to try the Mastering the Art of French Cooking recipe for baked cucumbers that Powell swears is awesome. Is this the week?)

6 corn (2 of which I am having for lunch with chicken and bbq sauce)

1 head garlic

more popcorn (I'll say this--every time I see the popcorn I remember how much weight I lost at Weight Watchers and that the Core Plan isn't that bad.)

2 bunches of basil, starting to turn

1 head of bok choy. (I'm a little afraid of the bok choy)

1 lb string beans

lots of red, white and Yukon Gold potatoes

3 zucchini


2 very pretty green peppers


okra (i am both dismayed and afraid of the o-k-r-a)

broccoli (Let's not mention the broccoli.)

There's other stuff too, bought at the ( hushed voice) grocery store.

Off to consult Cooking Light and make a shoppng list! Thank heavens the Romance Heroine might be coming over for dinner this week.

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