Friday, August 10, 2007

CSA, Week 7--It's Getting Scary!

This week's haul:

Broccoli. Sigh
1 large, rather attractively striped, zucchini. Its hide would make a lovely dress.
6 small Rock Haven peaches
1 pickling cucumber
3 green tomatoes
1 lb green beans
1 green pepper
1 cubannelle pepper. This wins the "what the hell am I going to do with that?" award for the week.

The Romance Heroine did make it over for dinner this week. We broke out the grill and had pork tenderloin, grilled corn, zucchini fritters, and blueberry gelato and cookies. We are both in bad sorts with lots of troubles. The food, while very good, did not fix anything.

What's up next: I'll report back on the Julie/Julia Project's baked cucumbers, make a batch of green tomato chutney, more zucchini fritters, and heaven knows what else.

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