Sunday, September 23, 2007

CSA, Week 13--It's Starting To Peter Out

Spaghetti Squash--I am fundamentally disturbed by foods whose main purpose or use seems to be as a substitute for other foods. Hence my sigh when I recognized this squash. Pasta is pasta and squash is squash and it's not the same thing, understand?
Watermelon--The most tiny wee watermelon yet! 1 pound of tasty goodness!
Tomatoes--I'm making tomato, onion and cucumber salad. Classic.
Grape tomatoes--I might have pasta one night this week. Usually I don't eat pasta, due to the Italian foods rule, but I'm kind of in the mood.
Yellow zucchini
Red and green bell peppers
Fresh oregano!--Finally, not basil!
Eggplant--At the moment, I am roasting the eggplant, half the red pepper, and the garlic. I'm going to smush it together with the oregano and some lemon and tomato paste and hope it will be something dip-like and tasty.
Delicata squash--I have 3 in the house at the moment.

I'm going over to SuperC's tonight to hang out with her and another librarian. We were going to cook, but it would be mean to ravage her kitchen so late.

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