Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paprika--It's A Miracle Spice

Sometimes you come across recipes that sound so bizarre that you have to make them.

This is a prime example. Turkey "Ghoulash" with Caraway Noodles. Anytime there's quotation marks inside a recipe title, you know you are in dangerous territory. But I thought "Hey, I've got a surplus of paprika, and chicken thighs easily sub for turkey. While I don't love pumpkin, I certainly don't mind it. And it's just so weird!"

Holy crap, it. is. awesome. You don't taste the pumpkin--it just blends into this smoky red mess surrounding the vegs and chicken. I was working with substandard noodles and no caraway seeds, but it didn't need it. Seriously delicious.

I've been talking up for a month and have promised shares to two coworkers who are intrigued enough to try leftovers. I am going to be able to leverage awesome favors with the delicious stuff.

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holly_44109 said...

Sounds interesting!