Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Cranky--Let Me Tell You

I've been holding on to this crank for MONTHS, people!

From the Kent State SLIS listserv:

"The School of Library and Information Science has 23 scholarships available!

Funded through the IMLS Laura Bush Librarians for the 21st Century program, two categories of scholarships are available. Both provide full tuition for an MLIS degree."

Great, huh? Oh wait, no. The scholarships are for school media specialists and children's librarians. Now, I know the strength of Ken's program is children's and public librarianship but (soapbox, please!) adults use the library too! There's a scarcity of librarians willing and able to serve inner city and rural populations, and the ability to graduate without student loans would help fill those positions. There's also the whole field of special librarianship, which Kent ignores like a redheaded stepchild.

I'm disappointed. Spread the cash out a little, please.

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