Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sexy Librarian--A Novel, A Stereotype, A Faint Hope?

Oh, I am so torn--it sounds like something I'd like to read, but also something I'd be disappointed in because I would hold it to a high standard, and if it wasn't accurate I'd throw it against the wall. Plus we've got primo librarian stereotyping here. Hipster librarian? Check! Retreat to the Midwest from New York? Check! The "sexy" library? Bwaaaahhh! Check!

From PubLib:
Sexy Librarian, a novel, published by Ellen Lupton/Slush Editions

Sexy Librarian, available for the first time this January, is Julia Weist's first novel about the life of Audrey Reed--a beautiful, sophisticated, New York Arts librarian who moves to the Midwest to work in a public library. With its witty and honest perspective on the tribulations of modern librarianship--its ideals and realities-- Sexy Librarian is an essential read for all those who think life long learning is as important as long nights of ecstasy. While Audrey struggles with an impossible romance with the library director's ex-husband and a mountain of steamy New York memories, she remembers why she fell in love with the library in the first place and why she still finds it so damn sexy.

The volume includes a critical essay by Jennifer Tobias, Reader Services Librarian at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, called, "In Search of the Sexy Librarian," and a new publisher's afterword.

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