Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What I'll Miss

So there's a lot of bad shit going down in my life right now, and when that happens I like to curl up and stay in one place. Bad habit. So I find myself looking at the 4 jobs available in the area that might pay enough to support myself, I tell myself "oh this isn't so bad!" and thinking I could not go to Phoenix.

I need to stop this right now.

Look ahead, Kerry. New life in Phoenix.

What I'm going to miss here when I'm gone:

1) The West Side Market--I'm going to miss the whole thing, but especially City Roast, Reilly's (fern cakes! empire biscuits! bakewell tarts!), and Frank's bratwurst. And the great deals on fruit and veg and meat.

2) Bela Dubby--Second best vanilla latte in town, right behind City Roast's ambrosia kickstart. And it's just a nice place, not too hip for itself, and really succeeds at being a third place for people.

3) The architecture. Really, there is beautiful houses and buildings all around here. Even the decaying buildings are lovely and have faded elegance. You can see how in its prime Cleveland was a lovely city.

4) Having old Eastern Europeans ask me what flavor of Eastern European I am. It happens at wok and here in Lakewood. FYI, the coloring is black Irish bitch, the little doll features are Slovak.

5) May through September is usually very nice weather-wise.

6) I have some very good friends here. You know who you are.

But honestly--I need to remember that that's not enough to sustain me.

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dingusgirl said...

oh, no - bad shit, huh? hmm. i thought life was nothing but happiness and bluebells in cleveland these days.
you okay?