Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kerry Reads The Paper!

What did I say 2 years ago? I said "Why the hell are they casting HPV and the new vaccine as a women's issue? If you're so worried about acceptance of the vaccine because it gasp! prevents disease spread by sex, then pitch it as a simple public health issue that affects everyone. Vaccinate both transmission vectors, because both sides get it! Fucking sexism!"

Yeah, so people looked at me all funny and then this comes out. Ha!

Further gripe--look, talk to your kids about sex or don't (my parents didn't at all, but I turned out okay) but for god's sake don't go around giving them really awful mixed messages like "you won't be be having sex until you've been married a long time." All that does is show how greatly disturbed you are. It's not cute.


Oh, and genital warts? Good scare tactic. Having worked on a drug campaign for something that treats them and looked at lots and lots of b&w photos of outbreaks, I'm completely traumatized. Show your kids color pics and really freak them out.

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