Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is Specs. You want to adopt her. She was living rough around my house for almost a year. I kept leaving wet food out for her and last month when it got below zero she let me pick her up and bring her in. She's been vaccinated, defleaed, dewormed and is in good health. And even though she's got boy coloring, she's 100% girl. Just look at the eyeliner around her eyes!

She's a small cat with a lot of personality. She talks a lot, saying "Nao!" and meowing, giving her loud purr and snoring softly. She is very lazy, a dedicated lap cat who wants you to hold her like a baby and rub her face and tell her she's cute. She likes to hide her face in the crook of my arm. She's not too fond of Cain, but they can occupy the same house. She has one super bad habit, which is nipping at hands when frustrated or scared. She's not biting to hurt, but biting to warn. I have been employing the "No! Bad kitty!" and putting her down whenever she bites or moves in that direction. She's made a lot of progress.

She's a sweetheart. Give her a chance!

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