Saturday, March 15, 2008

Black 47

So Black 47 and the Mickeys did a great show last night--very energetic and bouncey. Little crowd, only about 65 people. I was surprised that it was such a small crowd for a Friday show right before the Irish American holiday. And I really enjoyed the whole thing because of the smoking ban! It's a pleasure not to have to strip and wash before turning in because you can't stand the smell on yourself. Usually when I go out I have about 45 minutes before inefficiency, the dark, the noise, the crowd, and the smoke hit me and I get too angry to enjoy myself but too pissed to leave because of the money. I'm a complicated girl. But this time I was in a good mood the entire time, even when the fellow I was trying to flirt with left me (I think he didn't quite get that I was trying to be friendly) but then came back for a chat.

This was the first time I'd been back to the Beachland since my participation in the wedding from hell. Even with 2 Woodchucks in me, it was easier to navigate the restroom without wearing industrial strength underwear and a bridesmaid's dress. No wait, the Neko Case show was after that.

The Beachland's been around for 8 years--it's located in an East Side neighborhood called Collinwood. I did what I always do, which is get off at E185th by mistake and have to circle back to E. 152nd past the industrial warehouses. The place was the old Croatian social hall and bar--the Slovenian's hangout is still open down the block. There's at least 1 sausage company still open in the area, and the Variety Thrift is pretty good. They keep trying to open other business in the area, more like Tremont and Little Italy, but Little italy never had an art theft like this one. It's a great place. The social hall is pretty much Eastern European vintage with village scenery paintings set into the walls and some plaster moldings that unfortunately look like KKK hoods in the dark.

Who I have seen at the Beachland: Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Marshall Crenshaw, Los Straitjackets, Amy Rigby, Brave Combo, Neko Case, and a few others I can't recall. I don't get out much. the 25th has the Hackensaw Boys and I might go to that show.

So that's the report--leaving the house is a good thing.

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