Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things To Eat

A short list of awesome:

Social Tea Biscuits--Only available on the East Coast, these are great cookies. They're low-fat, are so plain they seem low-sugar, and so simple they go with everything. Tea, coffee, milk. Great for kids and old people. Simple doesn't mean gustatory boredom.

Pennsylvania Dutch Homestyle Egg Noodles--I've previously discussed the sad state of egg noodles out here. These are the best. Fluffy, excellent, nice flavor. Works well in cabbage & noodles and as the accompaniment to pot roast.

Lundberg Brown Rice Organic Rice Cakes--Much tastier than white rice cakes. I am on a crunchy salty kick and these really suit.'s Ultimate Guide To Corned Beef and Cabbage is a great resource if you're planning a boiled dinner for tomorrow.

Generally, I don't have anyone to cook corned beef and cabbage for, so I sometimes go to the evil hated Joe's for a corned beef sandwich and coleslaw. Or a Rueben, which so nicely mashes the Irish and the Eastern European into one hot, fat-filled mess. Aces likes corned beef for St. Patrick's Day. I go for the coleslaw because I dislike boiled cabbage. My mom would save out raw cabbage for me when I was young. Now I am such a fan of raw cabbage and cabbage salad that I make my own coleslaw, which is delicious and great and messy and ultimately wasteful because I am always the only one who likes coleslaw. The Don also loved coleslaw. I didn't know that for a long time.

St. Patrick's Day is our traditional holiday when we're together. Can we make a Christmas dinner or figure out Thanksgiving or get off our asses for the New Year's buffet at the dog track? NNNOOOOO!!! But corned beef brings us together. Even without the vegetables cooked with the beef, which seems inspired but has never been done before.

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