Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pain Lasts Long After Traumatic Injury

No shit, Sherlock!

Sorry, but since I broke the humerus 5 years ago I have had pain issues. I'd put my pain at a 3 most of the year and then during the winter with the snow and the wet and the wind it goes up to about a 6-7. And the problem with chronic pain, you have to be ahead of it and that's hard to do. If I'm not treating the pain in a preventative way, I'll have 3-4 days in which I can't get anything done, or I feel weird or I'm distracted and then it finally hits me that ha, ha! it's been really cold and that's why I can't think. Chronic pain hovers at the back of your brain and puts a haze on everything you do. It's not fun.

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