Monday, March 17, 2008

Back To Solitary, Specs!

Specs is a very, very bad girl.

Last night Cain came down for food and I saw this horrible bloody scabby thing on his tail. I mildly freaked and tried to see what was up and blot it with a paper towel. I thought he might have gotten overenthusiastic with his grooming since I had noticed he had this matted place on his tail that I kept meaning to wash off. So today we all went down to Gateway since Specs seemed to have something gross happen with her ear this weekend that I wanted to get checked out.

They pull him out of the carrier and the vet immediately goes "Whoa!" and asks me if the two fight. I reply that Specs isn't fond of Cain, but they don't seem to scrap but just growl and he avoids her.

She washes off the wound a little and shaves him and says that it looks like Specs bit him several days ago and it got abscessed and infected, and then it must have burst yesterday. I had noticed the tail bump, but blamed any stink on his poor bathroom habits.

"Oh, Cain! Baby, I was only joking about you needing a tail amputation!"

And this was not the case of 19 pounder Sugar Cain taking on little 8 pound Specs--where she bit him on the tail, it is clear that she was the aggressor. It's the cat equivalent of shooting him in the back.

He is so gentle, he didn't even fight as they squirted the antiseptic into the wound, cleaned out the gaping hole, gave him 2 shots for pain and antibiotics and put him back in the carrier.

Specs has an ear infection thing, which doesn't excuse her behavior. She's going back into her own room. Bitch.

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