Sunday, March 16, 2008

Worldwide Domination, One Date At A Time

MFA Jane and I have decided to start trying online dating. We are good at being single, independent women, but like to get out of the house a bit. MFA programs, especially the poetry track? Not filled with single straight men. In my experience, neither is Northeast Ohio nor librarianship.

Our basic requirements are single straight men who occasionally read and seem to be somewhat articulate.

It is hard to find them.

As I like to research, let's take a look at some links--

Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Dashed More Efficiently. Yes, but at least we're getting our hopes up in the first place. Small steps.

I suppose he thought that being a vampire/werewolf hybrid would just increase the sexy. Anyway, proof you should step away from the paranormal romance and fantasy section at the bookstore and talk to your kids.

Pal Or Paramour? How to tell when it might be a date versus a hanging out event.

Washington Post's Date Lab is always an interesting experiment on how people do or don't have any chemistry.

A Dater's Bill of Rights

The Art of Small Talk

A Catholic Dater Confesses...: Some advice on dating if you're practicing or not. No word on whether Catholic speed dating events are only for those who failed the convent or seminary screening and have to gear themselves up for the whole getting married thing.

10 Reasons The Recession Will Rock Your Love Life. I can hardly wait.

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