Monday, April 21, 2008

Makes Me Feel Creaky

So last weekend I cleaned out the attic. In about 2004 I stopped filing things up there, so there's quite the pile of magazines (if my collections of Bitch, Bust, ReadyMade & Budget Living don't sell on eBay, anyone want them?) and whatnot up there.

The funniest thing I found was my resume from 1997 when I was hoping for some sort of library job to sell myself on the profession, although aside from my 6 month stint in photo services, all I had done was library work. Oh, for the days when I was not between the rock and the hard place of overqualified, yet new to the profession. I was pleased to remember I was on the Dean's List 4/7 semesters. And I was WRUW's Underwriting Director, although I did a crap job. I also found all my job hunting notes and such from 2002 and 2004, useful stuff.

It's good to look at this, because it brings it home a bit that yes, I do have skills. A bit of chutzpah. The ability to get along in the workplace and do a good job, even if sometimes I think I'm such a dope these days.


The Romance Heroine said...

I really want those magazines. The Boy would probably kill me, but I covet them. Especially the Bitches and Busts. And Budget Livings. I am such a horrible pack rat.


Kerry said...

But you'll have a house soon!

I'll email you--we can maybe strike a deal.