Monday, June 16, 2008

Kerry Reads The Paper!

A roundup of snark...

You know, if she hasn't slapped the guy upside the head with a frying pan after 5 years, I suppose they'll be happy together: Vows: Sarah Lucas and Jonathon Kass.

I drink maybe once a month, I've never been drunk, never smoked, and the one time I was offered drugs I turned them down. Why, oh why must you scaremonger my love, the sweet caffeine? Hasn't killed me yet.

I'm not a B&B person, but I can't think of a place I'd rather not stay than this B&B. Sometimes NY Times publicity is not so good.

Is she blunt? Yes. Is she shooting herself in the foot? Probably. Is it refreshing to see someone stand up for her beliefs? Yes. Face it, the Emmys voters are lazy and she'd probably win again, and her role was crap this season so Katherine Heigl not putting herself forward for the award is a motion with a strange integrity.

The new Social Q's column is interesting--I was a little confused about why you'd want a Jewish boyfriend as opposed to a boyfriend who either shared your religion/culture or was just a hot mystery off the street, but my mom elucidated the stereotypes about Jewish men and put me straight. Somewhat. I'm of mixed thoughts on the second question though--the answer that the writer seemed a little more skeeved than helpful was right on, but at the same time having worked in business, there is a huge emphasis on appearances, having the right look and fitting in. So probably the assistant is sabotaging herself, but honestly with the job and the MBA, she might not care.

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