Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I Managed To Do Today

A short but complete list, at 4pm:

drank 25 oz of water
discovered Harley had been Destructo Dog on a piece of foam exercise equipment
kennel The Hound
drive Jesse X's Cadillac to a far distant fancy mall and buy a new power cord for the laptop at the Apple Store
mail Dusie's packages
buy a map
get a new phone number and pay cell phone bill
get a key made
put gas into Jesse X's Cadillac
released The Hound
drank a Sonic cherry limeade
eat lunch
clean up after self
empty dishwasher
check email
drank 25 oz water


Genevieve said...

OMG you survived boot camp and actually did other things instead of lay in bed all day (like I would have)!

Email me your new number when you get a chance please.

Anonymous said...

*W*O*W*...if you keep it up, the lbs will fly off & you will win a prize for most considerate houseguest...

Kerry said...

Oh, she was thrilled when she found out I'd taken in the garbage can and emptied the dishwasher too. Comparisons were made to Aces, and I came out ahead.